Sugar on Snow!

Sugar on Snow Delights: Where to Find this Sweet Treat Near Richmond, VT

If you're in Richmond, Vermont, and craving that classic maple treat – sugar on snow – you're in luck! Several nearby sugarhouses offer this delightful experience during the sugaring season (typically late February through March).

Here are some of the closest places to savor this sweet Vermont tradition:

  • Isham Family Farm in Williston offers maple treats along with berry picking in the summer  
  • Palmer's Sugarhouse (Shelburne): A slightly longer drive, but worth it for their delicious sugar on snow and classic sugarhouse ambiance. Palmer's is a popular spot, so be prepared for crowds, especially on weekends. 
  • Cochran's Ski Area (Richmond): Yes, the ski area! Cochran's hosts special "Maple Madness" weekends during the season with sugar on snow, sleigh rides, and other fun activities. 

Important Tips:

  • Check dates and hours: Sugaring season depends on weather, so call ahead or check the sugarhouse websites for up-to-date information on sugar on snow availability.
  • Dress warmly: Sugaring season can still be chilly; bundle up for outdoor enjoyment.
  • Bring cash: Many sugarhouses are cash-only.
  • Go beyond the sugar: Sample other maple goodies like maple cotton candy, maple creemees, or maple syrup to take home. (Please note: airports will not allow maple syrup on your flight.)

Vermont Maple Open House Weekend

Plan your trip to coincide with Vermont Maple Open House Weekend (usually the last weekend in March) for an extra special experience. Many sugarhouses participate with tastings, demonstrations, and a festive atmosphere.