Bird Nerd Alert: Birding in Shelburne: Audubon & Beyond

If you're anything like us at The High Meadows, you know there's nothing quite like the thrill of spotting a rare bird in the wild. The sound of their calls, the flash of their wings... it's enough to make any heart flutter (bird pun intended).And guess what? You're in for a double dose of avian awesomeness! Not only is Shelburne Pond a birder's paradise, but the Green Mountain Audubon Nature Center, just a short drive away, offers even more feathered fun.

Why Shelburne Pond, You Ask?

This serene oasis is a crucial stopover for migrating birds, making it a hotbed for diverse species throughout the year. We're talking everything from majestic Great Blue Herons to adorable little Tree Swallows. And for those of you with a sharp eye (and maybe a decent pair of binoculars), you might even spot some truly rare gems like the elusive Bald Eagle or the vibrant Scarlet Tanager.

Green Mountain Audubon Nature Center: Your Birding HQ

Think of the Audubon Center as your birding headquarters. With miles of trails winding through diverse habitats, it's a haven for both resident and migratory birds. Plus, the knowledgeable staff and educational programs make it the perfect place to learn more about our feathered friends.

Your Ultimate Birdwatching Checklist

Ready to embark on your own feathered adventure? Here's your ultimate checklist of birds to look out for at Shelburne Pond AND the Audubon Center:

  • Spring: Warblers galore! Yellow-rumped, Black-throated Blue, and maybe even a Blackburnian if you're lucky.
  • Summer:  Keep an eye out for nesting Osprey, Belted Kingfishers, and a variety of ducks and geese.
  • Fall:  Migration season brings in a whole new wave of feathered visitors, including various sparrows, thrushes, and maybe even a Northern Harrier.
  • Winter: Hardy birds like the Common Goldeneye, Black-capped Chickadee, and Pileated Woodpecker stick around even when the snow flies.

    Audubon Center:Year-round:  
    Expect to see a wide variety of birds, including Woodpeckers, Owls, Hawks, and even the occasional Wild Turkey.
    Specialty Birds: The Audubon Center is known for attracting unique species like the Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Barred Owl.

    Tips for a Successful Birding Expedition
    Time of Day: Early mornings and late afternoons are prime birding times.
    Gear: Binoculars are a must! A field guide or bird identification app can also be helpful.
    Patience:  Birdwatching is all about patience and observation.

    Take your time, listen to the sounds around you, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of both Shelburne Pond and the Audubon Center.

    Ready to spread your wings and explore the avian wonders of Shelburne Pond and the Green Mountain Audubon Center? We thought so! After a day of birdwatching bliss, come back and relax at The Loft at The High Meadows, your cozy home away from home.

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